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About the Ghana Customer Service Index - A Must Read

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The Ghana Customer Service Index is a yearly report which would be  published in the first week of October. The index would provide an  insight into the state of customer service in Ghana. 

The report would initially focus on 8 key sectors. They are Financial institutions ( bank and non bank), utilities, telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, retail malls ( food and non food), public institutions and online businesses. The Ghana Customer Service index would use a 3-component approach; research, traditional surveys ( face to face, telephone and written questionnaires) and online surveys as a basis to measure the performance of businesses vis-à-vis their customer relations. The Index will also determines the “degree of satisfaction” of customers who patronize the services of companies – both private and public.


Customer’s would be asked to rate their experience of dealing with the selected sectors and each customer can rate only one organization per sector. Each customer can complete the survey for up to 8 different sectors.

The metrics and indicative areas would reflect the priorities customers have identified as the most important attribute of customer experience. Customer’s would rate the sectors and some organizations on a scale of 1-10 using the following metrics: Look and feel, competence, professionalism, ease of doing business, processes and procedures, customer focused innovations, staff engagement, feedback and complaint.


The index scores would be expressed as a number out of 100. The GCSI for each chosen organization is the average of all its customer satisfaction score multiplied by 10. Sectors would then be compared according to the scores and recommendations would be made as to how things can be improved going forward. 

Specific sectors who’s scores reveal interesting or worrying trends would also be captured in the report.

Significant trends and interesting findings would be highlighted in the report together with the general information regarding customer service and its impact on Ghana in the particular year


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